Frequently Asked Questions 


In addition to yoga, what are the other ways I can use my Moa Yoga Mat?

In addition to all forms of yoga, our both cork as well as microfibre yoga mats can be used at the beach, gym, meditation, picnic or even as a gorgeous rug in your living room!

What are Moa Yoga Blocks? How do I use them?

Yoga Blocks are useful yoga props meant for both beginner and advanced yoga practitioners. They can improve your practice by helping you better your alignment, posture and flexibility. Our yoga blocks help you stretch deeper, bend further and reach higher with each practice. 

How do I clean my Moa Suede Microfibre Mat?

Our mat is washing-machine friendly we recommend gently hand-washing your mat with a mild detergent and washcloth then simply hang to dry. This tender love and care will lengthen the longevity of your mat and save water. However, if you decide to machine-wash it, follow the instructions below:

  • Wash on a gentle cycle with cold water
  • Use a mild detergent. Do not use bleach/softener/strong chemical solution
  • Find a machine without an agitator because it can damage your mat
  • Do not put your mat in the dryer, simply air out to dry

How often should I clean my Moa Yoga Mat?

This depends on several factors:

The type of yoga you practice, how often you practice, how much you sweat and where you practice (indoor or outdoor). Taking all these factors into consideration you may wash your mat after every 5 - 8 uses. If you choose not to wash your mat, you may hang it out to dry so that it's always looking and smelling fresh. 

Can I use my Moa Yoga Mat for hot yoga?

Yes, you can use our mats for all disciplines of yoga. Our both cork as well as microfibre mats are particularly suited for hot yoga since top surface is highly sweat absorbent and in fact, gets grippier with sweat. 

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