Trying To Find A Perfect Yoga Mat For Yourself ?

Trying To Find A Perfect Yoga Mat For Yourself ?

Ok so let's face it, Whether you're a newcomer or an old practitioner having a right yoga can make a whole world of a difference to your practice.

Sometimes it's overwhelming to make the right choice with a great range of mats that are available in the market. While the vast majority of yoga mats work perfectly well for any style of yoga, understanding the differences will help you select a mat that fits your needs.

 Ready to Un-roll?

For Gentle Yoga & Restorative Recreational Styles :

When you are practising gentle yoga styles such as Hatha, Yin, Restorative or Prenatal, which tend to focus on slower postures and being in contact more with the floor, you'll want a greater level of comfort. You should choose a mat between 5 and 8 mm thick to help protect your joints. Another quality to look for is "how easy it's to transport" so that you're able to carry it to your classes without much of a hassle.

For this you can definitely try our Natural Cork + TPE Yoga Mats which are 6mm thick, ideally constructed and with alignment line to keep your stances correct.

For Gentle Yoga you can definitely try our Cork Mats & Microfibre Mats 

For Intermediate - Advanced Practitioners : 

With your practice levelling up to medium - advanced  intensity, you're getting into sessions that will work your muscles and make you work up a sweat! Since you're transitioning into a more advanced level of gentle yoga, you can still use a mat between 5 to 8mm thickness but this time choose a mat of better quality that can accommodate long hours of yoga.

For this we would suggest Moa Cork with Natural Rubber Mat. Its a perfect blend of material is very grippy because of the natural rubber and the cork makes it light weight, unlike other mats in the market. Also the cork has anti bacterial & anti odour quality which is really going to help with your advance sweaty workouts. 


For Floor Workouts & Pilates : 

Pilates is very fluid so the mats needs to be thicker, slightly slippery than typical yoga mats so that the mat allows the student to easily make transition between exercises and repetitions. For this we would definitely like to introduce our Ultimate Workout Mat which provides ideal cushioning, alignment lines to keep your postures correct while you're practising and yes its highly durable !

Also, a really important thing, all our mats are 100% eco-friendly, bio-degradable and recyclable. 

So yes we're kind both to our customers & and planet !

Still wondering whats's best for you ? Don't worry, we're always there for you. Mail us at : 

Would love to hear from you !

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